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     We have had many customers that are impressed with the results after cryo treating one of their firearms.  After the cryo treating, the normal feedback we get is that the accuracy, especially after the barrel is hot, is improved dramatically.  The second most observed benefit is easier cleaning!  We can only attribute that to a tighter grain on the surface of the components being cleaned, resulting in less adhesion of the powder residue.  We can treat any part of the firearm, as long as it is disassembled and there is no way to assemble and shoot the weapon.
     We have mentioned some of the items we have Cryo Treated in this website, but there are many more that can benefit from Cryogenic Processing.  This avenue of science has expanded through application many fold in recent years.
     We are interested in your ideas and projects and hope we can help you improve any item in any quantity.  Call us or E-mail us with your interests.
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Firearms and outdoor gear:
Firearms are some of our most popular items to cryo treat.  They experience less friction of contact areas, wear longer, absorb heat more evenly, and the barrel is more stable as it heats up, which improves accuracy.  Fishing tackle is strengthened, stays sharp longer, arrow tips the same. All the above clean easier, too!o edit this text.