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    Typically, blades are made from high carbon steel, which is one of the most reactive metals to the cryogenic process.  Some wear tests have improved usable life of cutters in machine shops up to 800%.  The process works with many household items, as well as industrial and commercial cutters, drills, blades, and indexable cutting tips.  Even lawn mower blades last longer and cut cleaner.
     We have mentioned some of the items we have Cryo Treated in this website, but there are many more that can benefit from Cryogenic Processing.  This avenue of science has expanded through application many fold in recent years.
     We are interested in your ideas and projects and hope we can help you improve any item in any quantity.  Call us or E-mail us with your interests.
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 Knives and Blades:
All types of blades can benefit from the cryogenic process.  Everything from razor blades, band saw blades, chain saw blades, kitchen knives, outdoor knives, axes, power saw blades of various types-pretty much anything designed to cut something, will demonstrate slower wear, improved performance, easier sharpening, and increased text.