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     We have had quite a few customers that are amazed at the subtle improvements to sound equipment after cryo treating.  Popular items to treat are cables and wire of all types, connectors, individual components such as switches, boards, potentiometers, rheostats, coils and windings, as well as vintage parts and vacuum tubes.
     We have mentioned some of the items we have Cryo Treated in this website, but there are many more that can benefit from Cryogenic Processing.  This avenue of science has expanded through application many fold in recent years.
     We are interested in your ideas and projects and hope we can help you improve any item in any quantity.  Call us or E-mail us with your interests.
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High end Audio gear and electronics:
From amplifier chassis, vacuum tubes, cable and wire, connectors, to individual components used on any type of audio gear, Cryo Processing can enhance the audio pleasure for serious listeners.