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 About Colorado Cryogenic Processing
     Colorado Cryogenics (or Colorado Cryogenic Processing), is located in Arvada, Colorado, a location just north and west of Denver.

     We  use a computer controlled system to reach temperatures of over -300F in a chamber that prevents any cryogen (a substance used to produce very low temperatures) from contacting the item being treated.  The process we use prevents any possible thermal shock, and allows the process to attain maximum results. 

     The actual cryogen we use is liquid nitrogen.  If this sounds scary, it's not.  Nitrogen makes up a little over 78% of our atmosphere, and is assigned the atomic number seven, and the symbol N. This process is as green as it gets!

     We started Colorado Cryogenics in 2006 as a result of research into methods of improving high performance engine components.  In automotive applications, we found that when cryogenic processing is performed properly, the results will include:
   +Improved strength and durability of individual components.
   +Increased engine life.
   +More power resulting from less friction and better sealing.
   +Improved machinability of parts.
   +Stabilized dimensional qualities.
   +Cost effective improvements.
   +An environmentally GREEN process. 
     For further reading or research, we recommend and:
What is Cryogenic Processing?

     Simply stated, this is a proceedure that will expose something to super cold conditions in an effort to produce a change in that item resulting in an improvement.  This is my definition, and however non-technical it seems, it sums up what we do.     
     We have attained terrific results in many differing fields of componet use, and may be able to help you with your items.
Bill Arnold, owner.

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