Colorado Cryogenic Processing

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Sporting Goods
Various examples of rifle and shotgun barrels undergoing Cryogenic Processing.  After processing, firearms absorb heat more evenly and experience less barrel distortion.  Results are tighter multi-shot groupings and reduced shotgun pattern  "blow out" after multiple firings.  According to many Cryogenic  processors, less barrel wear and higher muzzle velocities are also results of the process due to reduced friction after processing.
Various hand gun and rifle components during processing.
We have had some fun cryo treating different sporting good items for people.  To date we have treated aluminum  ball bats, metal and graphite shaft golf clubs, golf balls, and many different firearm components.  Every item we have treated has resulted in positive feedback from the owners.  The most often heard remark is how much better a rifle or pistol maintains its accuracy (groupings) after repeated firing.  Also we hear that the firearm cleans much easier after cryo treating.   Golf clubs seem to benefit by exhibiting a different snap or feel in the arch and follow through, with longer ball distances and better accuracy realized.  Ball bats are also reported to seem to have a bigger sweet spot resulting in more further distance hits. 
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