Colorado Cryogenic Processing

A friendly, full service Cryogenic Processing company.
Household Tools
Many household implements, tools, and items can be improved to last longer or perform better than new when Cryo Treated. 
  • Kitchen knives and cutters, blades of all types-will stay sharp longer, sharpen easier, clean easier.
  • Gardening tools will resist wear better, hold an edge longer.
  • Lawnmower blades will work better, stay sharp and last longer even after repeat sharpening.
  • Weed eater type edger string will last longer after processing.
  • Razor blades and even cheap disposable razors will last much longer than without treating.  We have had reports of  5 or 6 times longer life.
  • Scissors, electric clipper blades and hair trimmers.
  • Chain Saw blades and bars cut better with less drag, and last much longer.  This saves unbelievable amounts of money, time, and effort.
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