Colorado Cryogenic Processing

A friendly, full service Cryogenic Processing company.
Cryogenic Processing can benefit firearms in several different areas.  The results typically indicated by our customers include:
1.Much easier cleaning.  Many reports of nearly no effort required to clean their firearms after the treatment. 
2.Much easier to attain stable groupings after repeated firings.
3.Treated components last longer.

Research that can explain the above experiences suggests that the Cryogenic Process, when properly performed, will alter the crystalline structure of the firearm component (barrel, receiver, etc) resulting in a more equally distributed molecular configuration.  This results in a relief of stresses between molecules or crystals resulting from the production of the component.  The improved distribution also results in more even heat absorption and dissipation, as well as resulting in a smoother surface which can resist wear and decrease friction, both contributing to the accuracy and longevity of the weapon.  Common sense also would suggest that with less friction present,  the velocity of the projectile(s) could increase, as well the firearm lasting longer in general.

.308 FAL Barrels

 Springfield XD .40 Cal. Pistol Top End
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