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Disc Brake Rotors
 Much can be said for the improvements possible to disc brake rotors, pads,  and conventional brake drum systems.  After processing these components, the enhancements to them result in longer wear, better resistance to warpage, and improved braking potential with less fade.  These are all highly desired results for any brake system.   This improves stock production vehicles and is especially beneficial to any altered performance vehicle where demands can be much greater on the brake system.    As sent to us from NASCAR WEST driver Scott Gaylord;  "Thanks Bill.  After doing the cryogenic process on my #00 NASCAR WEST Chevy brake pads and rotors, we took it to the race at Miller Motorsports Park in Utah and led the race, finished 5th, and had no brake problems that we normally have on road courses.  I am going to have all my own race car brakes done from now on.  Scott Gaylord, #00"    Scott told me that the brakes often get hot enough to glow when driving these cars.  The heat tends to warp the rotors and wear all the components at a very high rate.  If Cryo Processing can help under these conditions, imagine what results you can attain.
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