Colorado Cryogenic Processing

A friendly, full service Cryogenic Processing company.

     Engine blocks of all types will benefit from Cryogenic Processing.   Nearly all blocks are cast and machined into what we see in these pictures.  Normally, they are of iron or aluminum alloys, and all are subject to extreme temperatures and energy forces caused by normal use.  Engine blocks are used in boats, cars, trucks, airplanes, stationary power units, pump units, generators, and anywhere else a internal combustion engine is utilized.  They are subjected to extreme weather conditions, heat and corrosion from the combustion process  used to energize the internal components, friction  and the resulting wear from the many internal moving parts, stresses from the fastners used to assemble a complete engine, expansion and contraction from the many temperatures they are exposed to, and  of course the power that they produce.  As you can see, they must be very durable.
      Cryogenic processing will aid in even heat absorption, modify the surfaces of moving parts to lessen friction and wear, remove internal stresses in the metal casting itself, and can even increase the strength of the block to resist damage from the constant power the engine creates.  We Cryo  all types of blocks, with or without sleeves, aluminum , iron, or a combination of both.  The process will also add to the machinability of the metals, so your machine shop enjoy working with the Cryo treated block.  

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