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Ball Joints
Ball joints are the upper and lower hinge points where the spindle mounts to the control arm or axle housing.  These joints are flexed and pivoted constantly when a car is driven, with every motion of the suspension or turn of the steering wheel.   Normally these joints are exposed to all road conditions such as dirt, water, ice, snow, heat and cold.  They are normally made of machined steel or cast steel or iron, with close tolerances to allow the steering to hold alignment.  Cryogenic processing will allow longer ball joint service life by removing internal stresses caused by the fabrication process.  Also, it will allow better lubricative properties, decrease surface friction, and enhance wear characteristics.  These enhancements can allow the component to last longer and better handle increased loads resulting from harder use and/or the use of suspension lift kits.  Please note that all safety limits of the vehicle or suspension part treated must still be adhered to.
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