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Modern stock application automotive and truck axles are normally either cast or forged, iron or steel.   Some have bearings pressed or held in place on a mounting surface, and some are an integral part of the bearing mechanism by actually forming the inner race, spinning with contact on the actual bearing rollers.  Nearly all are splined on the driven end, and  nearly all have some type of flange on the drive end which fastens to a wheel hub, or can be the wheel flange itself, where the lug studs are located to mount the wheel.  Nearly all surfaces of the axle will benefit from Cryogenic Processing.  The internal stresses from fabricating the axle will be relieved, and any work surfaces will benefit from the process with less friction on mating surfaces, better ability to dissipate heat, and increased wear resistance.  In the real world, we have seen the bearing surface type axles last much longer, the splines last longer without as much wear,  and in high performance applications, have see the axles withstand more abuse without breakage.   This can win a race and prevent damage to other components that normally occurs with axle breakage.   The axle bearings will benefit also with less friction, better heat dissipation, and better wear resistance, all resulting in much longer service life. 
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