Colorado Cryogenic Processing

A friendly, full service Cryogenic Processing company.

Many automotive related components can be improved by cryogenic treatment.  This is a partial list, which is ever expanding, of items we have treated and recommend to be  considered.  The benefits vary depending on the individual component, but all can experience positive enhancements resulting from Cryogenic Processing.  Click on any of the below items for more information.

Engine Components :

Drive Train Components:


                                Suspension Components:

 Steering Components:

Brake Components:

This classic 390 Cadillac Block was Cryogenically  treated
    prior to machine work as part of its preparation as a
            power plant for a vintage  Allard race car.

On a more modern note, this Duramax diesel crankshaft and
 rocker arm assemblies have been Cryogenically processed,
  as well as several new diesel turbocharger  cartridges, and
              now await the final step of oven heating.  

      Transmission gears, bearings, and shafts all benefit from the process.  Differential gears (ring and pinion sets) are also much improved.  Benefits include internal stress relief, even heat dissipation  throughout the part, and of course, increased wear resistance.  These properties add up to a tougher, more reliable and longer lasting part that will continue to work longer and better for you.   
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