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About Us

        Colorado Cryogenic Processing, or Colorado Cryogenics, is located in Arvada, Colorado,  a suburb just north and west of Denver, Colorado.  Colorado Cryogenics is a  fairly new division of Arnold Enterprises, Inc., which was established January  1979.  Colorado Cryogenics was started in 2006 as a result of necessity.  Cryogenics became an interest and then a branch of Mountain High Performance,  our automotive and diesel  performance machine shop business.  Seeking methods of enhancement to allow performance modifications of internal engine components, the field of cryogenics seemed to meet our needs.  Research for several years into the different processes  of metal treating and coatings being used for performance automotive applications led us to the conclusion that cryogenic processing would produce the results we required.   Among the enhancements we desired were:

  • Improved strength and durability
  • Increased engine life 
  • More power capabilities
  • Improve machinability of parts 
  • Stabilize dimensional qualities 
  • Cost effective results
  • An environmentally "GREEN" process

        We  selected cryogenic processing  to attain these improvements for our own products and services, and from our experiences, we were astonished to find all the enhancements we strove to realize were just the beginning of possible improvements that can be realized by cryogenic processing.   We have treated an array of engine components, including castings such as blocks, cylinder heads, water and oil pump housings, pistons, rings, piston pins, connecting rods, crankshafts, camshafts, lifters, rocker arms and shafts, timing components, bearings, valves, springs, retainers, valve locks, bolts, studs, and nearly all types of fasteners, turbochargers, transmission components, brake components, guitar and bass strings, rifle and pistol barrels and other firearm  components, razor blades, knives, nylon products, lawn tools, industrial tooling and cutters, hand tools, candles, and many  other items.  
        Interest from many of our customers and acquaintances catalyzed the formation of Colorado Cryogenic Processing in order to offer our cryogenic services to anyone with the need to improve their personal project or item.   No project is too small, and we encourage using your imagination as to what might be benefited by this process.  We also offer repeat customer and quantity discounts.  We can also arrange shipping and insurance for your items.  Feel free to call us with any questions or for pricing based on item, weight, quantity, and composition.

 We are interested in your project!

  •  Call (303) 420-CRYO (2796)

           Colorado Cryogenic Processing
           5293 Ward Road, Unit #3
           Arvada, CO 80002 


Colorado Cryogenic Processing uses a computer controlled system to reach temperatures of less than -300 degrees F in a processing chamber where subject materials are protected from outside contaminants and allowed to slowly reach this temperature, and then slowly return to ambient temperatures, without the risk of thermal shock.  The system is designed and built by 300 Below, a pioneer company in this field. We chose this particular system after research of every system we could find.  The 300 Below system utilizes refrigeration to attain approximately -100 degrees F within the processor chamber, and then, through selective computer programm-ing, slowly continues cooling down to approximately   -300 degrees F by introducing nitrogen vapor into the chamber.  Once reached, the temperature remains at -300F for a period of time based on the size and weight of the largest or heaviest items in the chamber, to insure that all the items in the processor are completely cold soaked through their entire mass.  After a programmed interval at  -300 F, the chamber will return slowly to ambient temperatures, at a speed again regulated by the computer parameters.  
     After the cryogenic process is completed, dependent upon the alloy or material being processed, the item may be gently heated to a specific temperature, and then again slowly cooled to room temperature, to complete the processing.  This heating is done in an industrial oven that is programmed to the desired heat levels and time required, and is separate from the cryogenic system entirely.  We feel the stand alone nature of both procedures is best addressed by separate devices engineered specifically for each of their duties.  Be aware that there are other processes available to cryogenically treat components, but we feel that our system is the most logical, least invasive, and best controlled. 
Colorado Cryogenics, or  Colorado Cryogenic Processing,  came about as a desire to offer higher quality products and services in our other company, Mountain High Performance, where we perform all types of high performance automotive and light diesel machine work.  With over 40 years of automotive machining experience, we were amazed at the improved machinability of processed materials, and the increase in tooling longevity and production quality we experienced in our own facility. We are delighted that our high performance machine shop customers have had increased interest and awareness in this process. Many are quite well versed on the enhancements produced by the process, information derived mostly from individual research and technical articles which are now abundant in automotive, scientific, and industrial circles.   Their continued interest  and demand has led us to make our cryogenic processing available as a seperate entity.  It is our objective to increase our processing exposure and expand our knowledge and data to further serve our customers.  We are always happy to answer or provide information to you on any cryogenic project you may be entertaining.   We are delighted to say that in our history of cryo processing, we have never had a negative report  on any item that we have processed. To us at Colorado Cryogenic Processing and Mountain High Performance, this speaks
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